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사용자 삽입 이미지

Resolution20MP - 5120(H) x 3840(V)

Pixel size6,4 x 6,4 μm2

Optical Format35mm

Shutter TypePipelined global shutter with true CDS

Frame Rate30 fps (12 bit)

Output Interface16 LVDS channels @ 480 Mbps

Sensitivity8,3 V/lux.s

Conversion gain0,068 LSB/e-

Full well charge15000 e-

Dark noise8 e- (RMS)

Dynamic range66 dB

SNR max41,7 dB

Parasitic light sensitivity1/50000

Extended dynamic rangeYes, up to 90 dB

Dark current125 e-/s (25 degC)

Fixed pattern noise< 1 LSB (<0,1% of full swing)


Supply voltage1,8V / 3,3V

Power1100 mW

Operating temperature range-30 to +70 degC (TBC)

RoHS complianceYes (TBC)

Package143 pins PGA

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